About Us

Flying S Herefords Ranch is located in Paluxy, Texas southwest of Fort Worth. Our Mission at Flying S Herefords is to produce elite Line One Horned Herefords.

Over the past years we have invested in the top bloodlines of the finest Line One Herefords in America from Holden Herefords and Cooper Herefords. Our focus is on every aspect of the Hereford breed. We believe in a long-lasting performance Line One breeding program to increase the predictability of our cattle for our customers.

In order to succeed in Line One Breeding you must continue to introduce cattle with superior genetics. Flying S Herefords focuses heavily on the maternal abilities in our breeding program. We have a strict culling program that enables us to produce and retain only the genetically superior animals. Cows are culled based on fertility, performance, soundness, disposition, and udder quality. We are active members in the Texas Hereford Association along with the American Hereford Association and are involved with the TPR program of the American Hereford Association and active members in the Whole Herd Reporting Program.

We strive to produce Bulls and Females that will work in any environment for any operation Commercial or Seedstock.