Flying S Herefords Production Sale
Thursday, March 19, 2015
12 Noon a the ranch - Paluxy, Texas

Thank you to all the buyers, bidders, and people who joined us for our 1st Annual Sale. We are grateful, and very appreciative of the great support. We look forward to seeing yall again next year.

19 18 Month Fall Bulls Avg. $ 7,303
13 Yearling Bulls Avg. $ 5,173
32 Total Bulls Avg. $ 6,438
11 Yearling Open Heifers Avg. $ 5,568
10 Fall Bred Heifers Avg. $ 5,075
5 Fall Bred Pairs Avg. $ 5,500

Lot 362A - $14,500 to Dudley Brothers, TX
Lot 340A - $12,000 to Brymer Ranch, TX
Lot 3014A - $10,500 to James Noel JR, LA
Lot 401B - $10,000 to Curtis Younts, TX, Brymer Ranch, TX, Mike Berry, TX
Lot 415B - $10,000 to Spillman & Sons, TX
Lot 3001A- $9,500 to W4 Ranch, TX
Lot 3004A- $7,500 to MK Ranch, TX
Lot 3002A- $7,000 to Whiskey Canyon Ranch, TX
Lot 341A - $7,000 to Circle M Ranch, TX

Lot 424B - $9,000 to Holden Herefords, MT
Lot 402B - $8,000 to W4 Ranch, TX
Lot 406B - $6,250 to W4 Ranch, TX
Lot 4001B- $6,000 to Holden Herefords, MT
Lot 429B - $5,750 to Brymer Ranch, TX

Lot 354A - $6,000 to Harrison Cattle Co, OK
Lot 364A - $5,750 to Harrison Cattle Co, OK
Lot 338A - $5,500 to Brymer Ranch, TX
Lot 366A - $5,250 to Ryan Bullinger, TX
Lot 3005A- $5,000 to W4 Ranch, TX


Lot U176 - $7,000 to Ryan Bullinger, TX
Lot 1126Y- $6,000 to Ryan Bullinger, TX
Lot U211 - $5,750 to W4 Ranch, TX

Once again it is a great pleasure to be able to offer such an outstanding set of bulls and females. It has been another great year in the cattle business and the demand for top quality Line One Herefords continues to grow. This group of bulls represents the best of our Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 calf crop. They are all sired by top quality Line One bulls. They are a balanced trait set of bulls that combine pigment, maternal strength, thickness, performance and eye appeal. All bulls sell with performance and ultrasound data and are semen tested.

Continue to check back on the website for Video and other sale updates on all bulls and females. Please feel free to stop by and view all cattle at any time. Thank you for taking the time and having an interest in our program. If we can be of any help, please give us a call. Please email or call James Strode for more information or to be added to our mailing list: (214-533-9669)


FS Advance 344A
(AHA# 43418114)

344A is a super long, thick, fancy fronted, pigmented, well marked 1098Y son. He has a great set of EPD’s and is backed by tons of cow power. 344A is also a top heifer bull prospect with an act BW of 65lbs.
FS Advance 350A
(AHA# 43444409)

350A is a pigmented, deep sided, big topped thick quartered bull with extra length of body. He is a powerhouse herd bull prospect out of 1098Y. He is out of a first calf heifer and had one of the highest NR of 108. 
FS Advance 3014A ET
(AHA# 43418106)

3014A is a big powerful herd bull prospect 8050U son with tons of volume, thickness, pigment, and style combined with top notch EPD’s. Dam is a top donor and has produced some of our best females on the ranch. 3014 scanned big time on REA with an act REA of 16.05.
FS Advance 362A
(AHA# 43444456)

362A is a moderate framed, great pigmented, soggy bull with terrific muscle, volume, and fleshing ability. One of the best 1081Y sons we have raised. Heifer bull prospect and he is backed by lots of cow power in his pedigree. His maternal great granddam is the Holden 8037H donor that is the dam of HH Miss Advance 5139R donor that sold for $175,000 in Hoffman’s 2013 Fall Sale. 362A’s Dam sells with heifer calf at side out of the $102,000 1098Y herd bull.
FS Advance 401B
(AHA# 43466161)

401B has a great combination of pigment, muscle, performance, and is a very stylishness made bull. He is a deep sided, long bodied 1081Y son that has a lot to add. His dam 9028W is a full sister to the dam of the $102,000 1098Y herd bull and is also a full sister to the Holden 9075W herd bull. 401B is a maternal brother to the Lot 3014A bull.
FS Advance 415B
(AHA# 43466174)

415B is a Top notch goggled eyed herd bull prospect and the only son in the sale out of our 1059Y herd bull. He has a set of outstanding EPD’s, individual performance, and Ultrasound data. Dam is a top donor cow and a Dam of Distinction. 415B is a deep sided, extra long, thick butted, easy moving bull. He has a pedigree stacked with outstanding females.
FS Advance 3012A ET
(AHA# 43418104)

3012A is an HH Advance 0149X son and a top herd bull prospect with fantastic depth of rib, muscle, pigment and fleshing ability. He is super long, fancy, and well-marked with great EPD’s. 3012A is one of the top bulls in the sale this year for carcass, he ratioed 100% on REA and 132% for IMF. His dam is our 9168W donor that is fancy fronted, deep sided with lots of thickness, pigment, and eye appeal. She is a great embryo producer and has produced some of the best females and bulls for us.
FS Advance 3003A ET
(AHA# 43418095)

3003A is a top notch HH Advance 1069Y son that has it all, pigment, performance, muscle, power, and style. He is long bodied, deep sided, and a very smooth made bull. 3003A has been the bull that has always caught everyone’s eye. 2 full brothers also sell.
FS Advance 339A
(AHA# 43418110)

339A is a very impressive son out of the $102,000 HH Advance 1098Y herd bull with terrific growth, pigment, thickness, maternal, and a set of balanced EPD’s. 339A is out of a 1st calf heifer and had a 109 ratio for WW and ratioed 108% on REA and 101% on IMF.
FS Advance 3004A ET
(AHA# 43418096)

3004A is a calving ease bull that has extra pigment and is well marked. He is extra-long bodied, smooth shouldered, and has tremendous neck extension. 3004A is a top notch heifer bull with a CED epd of 3.6 and a BW epd of .5 and has tons of power behind him to produce some low weight calves that will hit the ground growing. 2 full brothers also sell.
FS Advance 340A
(AHA# 43418992)

340A is another top heifer bull prospect out of a 1st calf heifer that is a full sister to our HH Advance 1081Y herd bull. 340A is a deep sided, extra pigmented, smooth made bull out of the CL 1 Domino 105Y bull.
FS Advance 3015A ET
(AHA# 43418107)

3015A is another top notch 1069Y son out of our HH Miss Advance 5130R donor cow that has produced many great females and males for us. 3015A is a well-balanced bull with tremendous maternal strength to back him.

HH Miss Advance 7109T
(AHA# 42785343)

7109 Is an extra-long, big topped, big hipped donor cow with lots of style and eye appeal, good pigment, and excellent EPD’s. She is a great uddered 5104R daughter that has been a tremendous donor for us. She sells open and ready to flush!
Pick of the Flush! Here’s the chance to pick from 5 outstanding heifers out of the CL 1 Dominette 606S and CL 1 Domino 297Z flush.  These heifers are backed by tons of cow power and performance. 606S is a top notch donor cow out of a very maternal cow family with depth of rib, volume, pigment and an excellent udder. A daughter sold for $29,000 to Edgar Herefords in Coopers 2011 Production sale. She is out of the great HH Advance 3113N bull and the CL 1 Dominette 0112K cow that topped Cooper's 2005 Cow Sale at $36,000. Her full brother is the CL 1 Domino 7128T sire that sold to Holden Herefords who went on to produce the HH Advance 0132X sire. CL 1 Domino 297Z is a powerhouse sire that sold to Holden Herefords and Baumgarten Cattle Co in Coopers 2013 Production sale. 297Z’s dam is a full sister to the dam of the $160,000 CL 1 Domino 105Y bull. These heifers are all deep ribbed, long bodied, pigmented, and are very smooth made.

FS Miss Advance 424B ET
(AHA# 43468313)
FS Miss Advance 428B ET
(AHA# 43468316)

FS Miss Advance 354A
(AHA# 43444414)

354A is an extra fancy, well-made heifer that is easy moving and stout. Her maternal granddam is the $31,000 HH Miss Advance 4098P. Great balance of moderate BW, growth, maternal and carcass strength.
FS Miss Advance 358A
(AHA# 43444426)

358A is a powerful 0081X female that is red necked, deep ribbed, thick and feminine. She is a heifer that always catches your eye every time you’re in the pasture.